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Don't allow the electrical safety of your home to become compromised. Instead, turn to the unparalleled efforts of our domestic electricians. Based in Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, our dedicated engineers carry out a range of inimitable services, including electrical inspections.

Taking Safety Seriously

Every year, defective wiring and appliances cause more than 14,000 fires in homes just like yours. These catastrophic occurrences result in 40 deaths and more than 900 injuries annually. There are also more than 700 injuries and 10 deaths caused by faulty electrical installations each year. What's more, recent surveys suggest that more than three million homes in the UK are in need of some form of electrical repair. Old houses, especially, are at risk. Don't leave the safety of your home and family to chance. Request our installation and inspection services for complete peace of mind.

Better Safe than Sorry

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 injuries and 50 deaths each year as the result of electrocution in the home? Many of these casualties are the result of DIY and amateur repair attempts. That's why we strongly recommend that home wiring installations be inspected by qualified professionals like ourselves at least once every ten years. We're not alone, either—the Institution of Electrical Engineers offers the same sensible advice.

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Don't Break the Law

Currently, legislation is being enforced in an attempt to prevent the number of accidents and deaths resulting from faulty installations and mishandled repairs. When you live in England or Wales, you are now required — by law — to utilise the services of a competent electrician for most electrical work. By attempting repairs yourself, you risk severe penalties — and your life. That's why you should turn to our company for any domestic or commercial electrical services. 

Assess Your Electrics

There are many questions you may ask yourself to ascertain the health of your electrical systems without the aid of a qualified professional. Without touching your components, simply consider:

• The Age of Your Wiring
• The Time Since it Was Last Checked
• Whether Work Was Carried Out By Amateurs
• Whether Plugs or Sockets Get Warm or Hot
• Whether Your Fuses Blow
• Whether You Use Adaptors
• Whether You Use Extension Cables
•  Whether You Use Electrical Equipment Outdoors

Replacing Fuse Boards

Be sure to replace old-fashioned, dangerous fuse boards with our latest generation models. Safer and easier to use, these models feature mini circuit-breakers that protect each circuit in the house and respond quickly to prevent the risk of danger. Plus, they may be fitted in the most convenient position for you, and boast extra protection through the use of RCD.

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